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What are open pores?
We all have pores. Some are noticeable. Some not so much. But what could make these pores expand over time are day-to-day factors such as age, genetics, thick hair follicles, excess oil production, or sun damage.

Open or enlarged pores can be troublesome. They may cause acne buildups or aesthetic concerns, especially for those with oily or combination skin types.
How to identify open pores?

If you have
- excess oil production
- recurring cysts or blackheads
- large visible O-shaped pores
What causes open pores?
Bad or no skincare routine can cause clogged and enlarged pores
As the skin ages, the production of collagen (that maintains the skin’s elasticity) drops causing pores to enlarge
Yes, it may be in your genes. Low collagen production can be hereditary
Sun damage
Overexposure or sun damage also lowers collagen and elastin production making pores appear wider
Thick hair follicles
Pores are the opening of hair follicles. So thicker the follicles, larger the pores
High oil production
Super-active oil glands may overproduce sebum (oil) which can affect the appearance of the pores



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