Refund Policy

Due to the fact that dermatology is not an exact science, the final outcome of the procedures offered at Skinnsi are based on several factors including but not limited to customer’s skin type, pre-and post-therapy care etc and that any procedures do not entail a hundred percent result and there may be a need for touch up sessions or additional sessions after the initial set of treatment depending on a case-to-case basis.

Accordingly, it is stipulated that once you have made the payment for your procedure, you agree and undertake that no refund of any kind shall be made nor shall you be eligible to claim for refund of any money paid and tendered by you and that all such procedures are not transferable or assignable in any way.

Management Rights

Subject to the above, you also agree and confirm that the management has the absolute right to review the eligibility of any refund request based on its own assessment of all facts, circumstances & customer-provided records and reserves full and complete right to approve or reject any claims of refund and also reserves its sole right to grant/approve a partial or full refund or none at all as shall be applicable in accordance to the facts and circumstances on a case-to-case basis.

You further agree that disputes, if any, are subject to exclusive Jurisdiction of Mumbai courts, where the company has its registered office.


You understand, agree and confirm that in case of any payment made by availing 3rd party loans/ EMI’s any kind of refunds made at the discretion of the management shall be made subject to any deduction as applicable and agreed between the customer and such third parties as per their terms and conditions.

Further any refund will be subjected to any or all applicable deductions on account of payment gateway charges, delivery and /or any other service charges as may apply.


For any refund requests please address an email at